You Are The Logo by Tom Adams

Leverage Your Best Marketing Asset… YOU!

As an owner, executive or professional, marketing your business can be daunting. Your market is filled with competitors that not only do what you do, they look like you too. It’s hard to stand out – and achieve prominent status – when the services you offer show no appreciable difference from theirs. To succeed, you must do something radically different!

In this book, Tom Adams describes a compelling opportunity to distinguish your business in the marketplace by becoming its visible, magnetic, personal marketing icon. You’ll learn why becoming the face of your business is important – what you need to do to achieve that – and how to do it with personality.

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About Tom Adams

Tom Adams serves business owners and executives as a strategic marketing advisor. Tom is the President and Founder of Flourish Press, a marketing support services and publishing company. He is an in popular speaker on marketing related topics. Tom has spent years being the Logo for his business. Find out more about Tom by visiting his Blog.